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 William Gurstelle* and Karen Hansen, Travel Writers and Photographers


Popular Mechanics, Sphere, and Make are just a few of the national and international magazines that we've written travel pieces for.


Check out a few of our nationally published travel pieces  by clicking within the red bordered circle below

Popular Mechanics is one of the best known magazines in the world. Make Magazine founded a completely new type of magazine space and Sphere is a dynamic online site from

South America, Bermuda, Turkey, and cruise ships are just some of the travel experiences we've written about for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota's capital city newspaper.


Click on the red bordered circle below to read some of our favorite travel articles.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Sunday Circulation: 300,000

The Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune has close to half a million readers each week, For their Sunday Travel section we've written about Finnish fortresses, Tasmanian devils, Egyptian cultural treasures, and a lot more.


The red circled picture below of Helsinki is a hyperlink. Click it to read about some of our most loved places.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sunday Circulation: 500,000


Some of the finest travel and adventure writing on the planet appears on the pages of Men's Journal and its website.


Over the past couple years, we've had the priviledge of posting many  articles - about food and drink, adventure, and really interesting places. Read them by clicking on the circled photo.

Men's Journal Magazine and Website

1 million UPV per month

Please feel free to browse some of our recent stories. Click on the circle-bordered photos above to view our recent stories, which are organized by the client by whom they were commissioned.

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