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Recent PeregrinationNation travel and adventure stories in the

Minneapolis Star Tribune


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Modern Take on Ancient Egypt

Biblitheca Alexandria reprises the library that made Alexandria, Egypt, the seat of knowledge in the ancient world,

Beautiful Isolation on Tasmania

On Tasmania, consequences of location include a prison secured by rough seas and unique wildlife fighting to survive.

Dipping into the Yucatan's freshwater cenotes

Visitors plunge into a mystical, subterranean Mayan world, beyond the beaches of the Riviera Maya. 

Nebraska's Sandhill Cranes

In an enduring spectacle, thousands of sandhill cranes rest and feed at Nebraska's Platte River as they head north.

Harboring Helsinki

No city in the world with a million people or more

sits closer to the North Pole. . .

Peering into the Panama Canal

A "tech" cruise gives an up-close view of the

waterway marvel that slices through the Americas.

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