Queensland's Adventure Highway 

The Captain Cook Highway, along Australia's northeast coast, is one magnificent road to adventure

New Zealand - In Captain Cook's Wake

While retracing the voyage of the great explorer, a modern traveler discovers why New Zealand charmed the 18th-century sailor.

Selcuk, Turkey - Scratching the Surface

... and seeing the wonderful remnants of its Greek, Roman, Medieval and Ottoman history


hopes to become synonymous with vacation destination

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Alaska - Where Photo Adventurers find Delight 

In southeastern Alaska, extreme topography combines with clean air and a sparse population to display grand. . . .

Tallinn, Estonia - A Feel for the Distant Past

....As we walked along narrow winding cobblestone streets in a stream of umbrella-topped tourists in Tallinn, Estonia. . .

South Africa - and the World's Best Brandy 

Follow South Africa's Brandy Route for a taste of some of the world's best wines and brandies

Norways's Arctic Circle

Cabin-feverish during Minnesota's long winter nights last year, we had planned a summer getwawy to the midnight sun.

Door County Wisconsin 

....Wisconsin's Door County has natural beauty and a rich history to thrill visitors. . .

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Getting to the Heart of Kansas City, MO

Barbecue, bebop, and baseball

Travel to Arkansas means getting into hot water — literally

The Arkansas Traveler

Earth Friendly Cruise Ships

New cruise ships sail greener than ever. Find out the new technology that saves the waves.

San Antonio, Texas

St. Paul could learn a thing or two from this city deep in the heart of Texas

Las Vegas: From Neon to Nature

Hiking in Las Vegas? These travelers bet on it